Shop Changes

Shop Changes


I've been struggling lately with some of the items I've designed that are inspired by fandoms. Ones that I am not licensed for, and although I love these fandoms and I am so inspired by them...I will no longer be making merch inspired by them. All of these designs have been put into a collection that says LEAVING AUGUST 1, and after that those designs will be retired. 

If I can get licensing for some of the fandoms that are retiring then you will see them come back, but for now they're leaving. 

I do take great pains to stay clear of anything trademarked or part of copyright, so while technically the designs are legal they do fall into what I call a gray area. And after having several designs stolen then being harassed about filing takedowns, I started to feel just not quite right about making these inspired designs. I would hate if when I finished my novels if someone made merch without my permission, even if they stayed inside the legal lines. And even though I see tons of other shops doing it, I'm just not going to anymore. 

There are many books and stories that are public domain, so there are more than enough things for me to make designs from along with the licensed merch that I make. I am licensed with Sarah J. Maas, Rebecca Yarros, Piper CJ, and Jennifer L. Armentrout (Lux series). I am also looking to add some additional authors. 

I have applied for licensing with several companies and authors, so hopefully we will see. For now, as of August 1st there will be no inspired items outside of fully licensed merchandise. 

Thanks so much! 

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