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Neon Daisy


Welcome to Neon Daisy! 

I am so happy that you are here! Neon Daisy came alive a few months ago after I tried again to integrate Western + Cowgirl merch into my first retail shop, Lust + Lore. I was struggling trying to target two separate audiences with very little overlap. 

My social media coach told me that I needed to either create two sets of social medias for the separate in the brand or create two separate brands. Ultimately, we chose to create a second brand that way the website and social media could better serve the customers (that's you!) that we hoped to attract. 

The goals of Neon Daisy are simple. We want every single person who wants to be a cowgirl to be one. And do it in super cute clothes. We don't care if you have 100+ horses or have only ridden the pony in front of Winn-Dixie. We believe cowgirl is a state of mind that is open to anyone. 

We want comfortable, vintage style tees and comfortable but still cute boutique clothes that are practical for a western and cowgirl lifestyle. Being size inclusive is a top priority, and you will never see us uncharge for sizes. 

This blog will be updated weekly and sometimes more often! We will share first looks at new releases, our inspiration, and interesting tidbits. We hope that you also join our email list so you can get some extra discounts! You're definitely going to want those. 



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