My Small Biz Journey

My Small Biz Journey

If you've followed me on my personal socials or my previous shop socials, you will have heard parts of this story. But I figured I should go over my small business journey here, so y'all can see that I've been at this awhile. 

I started my first business when I was 7. I gathered seeds from flowers and vegetables, then sold them to the neighbors. It was a lot of work to dry the seeds, if necessary, package them in paper envelopes that I had drawn my labels on and colored meticulously, and then hawk my wares to the neighborhood. I miss those simple days of doing business. 

Throughout my childhood and teen years and into my early twenties, I had many ventures like that. I raised and sold rabbits, raised chickens and sold eggs, rode horses for people, cleaned stalls, did odd jobs around barns, washed cars, cleaned tack for folks, whatever job I could do to earn money to pay for my horses. (Funny is that I'm still running businesses to pay for horses!)

During my twenties, I had a career and a child which kept me busy, so it wasn't until  I was 31 and in the midst of changing careers that I opened another business. 

I was in school getting my second bachelors to become a teacher when I opened an Etsy shop. I loved (still love) sewing, so I would make appliqués then sew them onto baby onesies and toddler tees. My business was called Onesie Twosie (just for yousie). I also sold the onesies in little stores around town. It was fun, and I loved doing it. I would handsew the appliqués while I watched tv in the evenings, and use the machine to sew them onto the onesie. 

That business closed when I finished school and became a teacher. I was simply too busy after awhile. But I missed the business and morphed into sewing other things and hand painting clothes for a business called Threaded with Whimsy. 

I closed Threaded with Whimsy when I was going through a divorce and sold my commercial supplies. I always missed the creative aspects of running a business. I love designing and creating. 

Because I already had two businesses creating designs on shirts, I had a plethora of designs saved up. The first designs were more simple since they are ones that I sewed, but the painted designs were more intricate. When we moved to Arizona, I knew I wanted to get horses again, and I knew we'd need extra money for them. 

That's when Clothesline Apparel Co. was born at the end of 2019, this shop was rebranded into Lust + Lore to focus on bookish and fantasy things only. But neither of those shop names or identities ever felt right. I tried out Miss Kitty's Western World for a bit in addition to Lust + Lore because I wanted to have both western and cowgirl designs as well as the bookish and pop culture designs. 

Neon Daisy Co. opened overlapping Lust + Lore in 2023. Then in 2023, I decided to shut down Lust + Lore and morph everything into Neon Daisy Co. I decided to stop listening to all of the media "experts" telling me I needed to niche down when for years I've run successful shops by just making things that I like. 

Along the way, the past few years I've had some employees steal my digital designs and sell them on Etsy by opening their own shops selling my designs. As a result I have a TON of designs out in the world that are my original designs that are being sold without permission. I have to make sure that I don't let myself get consumed with the injustice of that. I've also taken on a business partner who then did nothing that they were supposed to do. It's been rough at times, but I do love running this small shop. 

Thanks for being here y'all! I am so so thankful for all of your support. 

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