Desert Darlin' Launch

Desert Darlin' Launch

The next collection that we are launching is the Desert Darlin' collection. 

This collection inspired by my own backyard drops on August 15th (that's TOMORROW). And is full of retro vibes, cactus, and all things associated with the American Southwest. 

As people who live in the desert sometimes when it's 115, and we have to mend fences or move panels we forget that it actually is a really beautiful place. This collection pays homage to that. The romanticization of the desert. 

The Saguaro cactus is a staple in both the desert and this collection; did you know they don't grow their 'arms' until they are around 100 years old? All of those saguaros you see with the multiple arms are hundreds of years old. Thinking about that is really humbling. Some of them have been growing in these arroyos since before Arizona was a state! 

Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets are always present here. The desert really does know how to begin and end each day with a wash of color across the sky that is absolutely gorgeous. 

It always feels sort of retro here. If that's your vibe then you're for sure a desert babe. 

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