Customizable Items

Customizable Items

When I (Rhonda) first started I used to do TONS of custom items. I'd let people choose the color tee or hoodie or whatever, then we'd do the colors of the design. As my previous business grew, orders became more difficult to customize due to sheer volume. 

Since Neon Daisy has gained a partner (Erin) and responsibilities are split, we are so so happy to offer customized items again! 

If an item offers customization options, there will be a customization box that customers can input the information into so we can make your item. All customized items are made by hand by us! 

The product description is where you will find the aspects that can be customized, and as always if you have any questions reach out to us on social media or via email. Emails are checked twice weekly, but social media is checked daily! 

Currently we have three designs that can be customized with a new one dropping today! Make sure to sign up for our emails so you can get extra discount codes and be the first to see the new designs! 

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