Bookish Collection

Bookish Collection

Hey y'all! 

A collection that sometimes gets overlooked on our site is the bookish collection. It's a remnant of Rhonda's past business, Lust + Lore, which was solely bookish and pop culture. Both owners love to read, so keeping bookish items was going to be a must. 

If you see a design that is specific to an author or book of theirs we are licensed with all authors that require it. Other items are general bookish things that do not require licensing. Authors are a lot like small businesses, even traditionally published authors, and most do their own marketing and everything. We want to respect their work and always seek to find permission before making items of theirs. 

With the new CC3 book coming out by SJM, we are thinking about more designs to be added to our shop. We know a lot of cowgirls read, and we know they read fantasy! We know we do! So grab one of these tees or a few of them from our bookish inspired collection featuring Sarah J. Maas, Rebecca Yarros, and Piper CJ. 

Note: Piper CJ actually has her own collection, as we handle the majority of her merchandising. 

Happy shopping and reading y'all! 

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