Bat Boys Launching + Canadian Printers!

Bat Boys Launching + Canadian Printers!

Hello Everyone! 

As y'all might have noticed, I have slowly been reintegrating bookish, movie, and tv fandoms to the shop. I was so focused for so long on "niching down" that I was making myself unhappy. There is zero reason why I can't do my cowgirl designs and my bookish designs along with tv and movies. 

Cowgirls read and watch movies and tv too. No one is a single part of their identity, and it's time we stop trying to fit ourselves into a box. 

Neon Daisy is supposed to make me happy and make me money. When it stops being fun and happy then it all goes to shit. 

This week I'm bringing back two of my most popular designs from my old shop, Lust + Lore. Bat Boys Fan Club as well as the Bat Boys Prythian Tour concert tee. This time available in more color options so you can rep the Bat Boy you love best. 

I am also on the hunt for a print provider in Canada, so that I can help our friends to the north cut down on shipping costs. Once I find a provider, I will create a separate collection for the items shipping directly from Canada! Let me know on social media in the forms of comments on the designs you want most in the Canada Collection! 



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